Skin with lace fronts (FYI)

Skin with lace  fronts (FYI)

This type of hair system base is ideal for people who wants to balance natural appeal with durability .This hair systems constructed  with this base are known to last longer than normal skin base systems. The two most popular types of lace base systems are

1. French Base = breathable, delicate, yet durable. 

2. Swiss lace = most undetectable, breathable and natural base material. Very comfortable to wear, soft, delicate and very thin.

 This  unit has been commonly   requested  by clients who are experiencing hair loss related to alopecia. With the exception of hair loss due to traction alopecia, scarring alopecia generally making the scalp less sensitive to the material to best assess their needs and lifestyles and recommend the unit that best suits them . This unit have skin like material in the front thus making the fit more snug and suitable for longer durations of wear , application with adhesive may nopreference.t be necessary on the clients

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