cranial prosthesis water wavy wig

Medical Wigs

    There are many types of applications for medical-grade wigs. In addition, the manufacturing technology for cranial prostheses continues to evolve to ensure comfort and style.

    The three main types of cranial prostheses available are:

    Silk Top Medical Wig

    This medical wig is manufactured with silk and lace fabric and is suitable for those who have lost their hair due to any medical ailment, and now they want a hair unit that gives an original look. These medical wigs have small holes to increase the ventilation in the hair unit, which stops the itching due to sweating on the scalp.

    Monofilament Medical Wig

    This type of cranial prosthesis is ideal for those with a sensitive scalp. These wigs have a specific material in the middle of the wig and an ultra-thin fabric supporting ventilation. This type of medical wig provides an ultra-realistic look to the wearer.

    Customized Medical Wig

    They are made according to the specific specifications provided by the client. The key to a customized medical wig is head measurements, natural hair texture, density, and color.